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Signs & Table Numbers

One way to guide and direct is by using signs to help your guests feel more at home. We wouldn't want any of them to wander to the wedding next door by mistake.

NEW! We now carry neon signs! And our premade signs can be rented as is or we can design them to your specifications. We work with acrylic, wood, mirrors, naturals and more! We also work with a calligrapher if you rent a sign from us that needs to be hand-written in a specific style or font.

Do you have a "feel" or vibe for your wedding? What are your colors? Any special things we should know about the two of you? Who is your favorite follow on Insta? Tell me ANY of the ideas that are important to the two of you.

If you have questions and you would like us to get back to you via email,
please use our contact form and we'll be sure to get back to you quickly! Please note: if you reach out to us on a weekend, it may take longer to respond. We are probably out styling someone's wedding! Don't forget to include event date and location.

Thank you so much!

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